Graham, Josh, and David started Compass Distillers with a shared belief in the joy of making something world-class, locally. Artisan Craft Spirits are not imported, blended with generic ingredients, or pumped out of a factory. They are made from scratch, with the best locally sourced ingredients, by people who have a passion for the process and the result. That is Compass Distillers.




Graham is a mechanical engineer during the week, and a rum enthusiast, a sailing fanatic, woodworker on the weekends.  He's the guy who builds and fixes anything and everything Compass throws his way.  Thanks for always being a good sport, Graham!

Favourite spirit: Spiced Rhumb
Favourite pour: Norse Bounty


Founding Member


The one who looks good in a suit and reads all the fine print, Josh is not only a founding member but also the chief prosecutor for Halifax.  Lover of crows (good thing we didn't go with the name "3 Crows"), Converse and conversation. 

Favourite spirit: Noon Gun Gin

Favourite pour: Musquodoboit Mule


Enabler and Dreamer


The dreamer of the bunch, David has endless ideas and loves to share them.  Want to make award-winning spirits from raw ingredients?  No problem, we just need a good space, great still, fermenting tanks, industrial boiler... you get the ideas.  He makes things happen.


Favourite spirit: Vodka

Favourite pour: Musquodoboit Mule

distillery team


Head Distiller


When not creating our spirits he might be resting on a bed of Nova Scotian grains, dreaming of one of his multiple musical endeavours.  As a generally creative person, Alex brings combines a passion for experimentations with his knowledge of fermentation and brewing to Compass' spirits production.

Favourite spirit: Aquavit
Favourite pour: Negroni




Miranda gets her distilling know-how from a degree in Chemical Engineering through Dalhousie University.  Both our spirits and Miranda are born and bred in Nova Scotia. When she isn't doing crazy math and science at the distillery, you'll find her dancing and doing “product research” at one of Halifax’s stellar bars. 

Favourite spirit: Gin Wild
Favourite pour: Mai Tai




During the first lockdown of 2020 Harley found himself bottled up at home and working remotely.  Feeling in low spirits, he instead joined the Compass Distilling Team and has developed a taste for the industry.  He has developed a fondness for whiskey, though he still doesn't drink too often.

Favourite spirit: Neighbours Whiskey
Favourite pour: Crimson & Clover

bar team




A true Halifax barfly, you can find Mike either tending to the bar at Compass or enjoying a drink across the wood at one of his favorite watering holes.  Happy to discuss everything bitter, Mike encourages you to come in and step outside of the cocktail norm. 

Favourite spirit: Gin Royal
Favourite pour: Royal Martini

Sarah R.



When Sarah isn't behind the bar, you'll find her performing.  Whether it's at Neptune Theatre or fronting her band, Sarah always has a song in her heart.  At Compass, she'll also have a drink in her hand.

Favourite spirit: Aquavit
Favourite pour: Season Greetings

merchandising & marketing team

sarah-hall_headshots (1).jpg
Sarah H.

Marketing, Events & Sales Manager


The youngest member of the pack, Sarah comes the Toronto area with a background in Marketing and Jewellery Sales.  A newbie to the East Coast, she's on a mission to find all Halifax's best restaurants and cafes - so far she's found her favourite bar!

Favourite spirit: Aquavit 
Favourite pour: Whisper Campaign


Procurement Manager (aka the errand girl)


The happenstance interior decorator and cocktail guinea pig; Jill met the founders in high school, but took her time to marry one.  Spending time sailing with family and friends may be just another excuse to serve cocktails featuring Compass spirits!

Favourite spirit: Gin 
Favourite pour: The Beeline

MG Cropped (2).jpg
Brand Ambassador

Michael joined the Compass team after working 30 years in the drinks industry in three countries.  The Halifax Wanderers keep him busy in his spare time, as his love for soccer remained despite relocating from Yorkshire to Halifax. Michael hopes to see Compass products in his original homeland, across Canada and around the world in the future.

Favorite spirit: Gin Royal

Favorite pour: Gin & Tonic