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Take a trip down memory lane.  Our Spirit Archives map out the spirits we've handcrafted over the years; some becoming permanent staples in our shop and at our bar!  


Did you know that we've handcrafted over 36 unique specialty spirits?  What we're best known for are our gins, needless to say, we've created 14 already!

Our most awarded spirit is a cult favourite... Gin Wild.  A staple to our collection, this Nova Scotian gin gets its piney and slightly salty flavour from juniper berries foraged right in Peggy's Cove!


Compass has seen many label designs in just 5 short years, so our first customers won't forget the hand-written labels and original logo from 2017.  From branding to recipes and everything in between, we are constantly innovating, experimenting and improving the way we create.

Old Genever

This malt wine spirit is twice distilled and infused with a subtle blend of botanicals which include juniper, caraway, cassie, frankincense, and pink peppercorn.


Canadian law dictates that rum must be aged for a minimum of one year before it is allowed to be called rum. At Compass Distillers we are not a year old yet, hence we make Rhumb, from a combination of sugar and molasses fermented and distilled in small batches at our distillery on Agricola Street in Halifax, straight off our Vendome still with absolutely no additives. Drink on its own, over ice, or with your favourite mix. Taste: smooth, sweet, molasses, light oak.

Aged Gin

We took our gin made from 100% Nova Scotian wheat and put it in a new American oak barrel. The result is stunning. A full bodied extremely smooth spirit that will appeal to both gin and whiskey lovers. This is a spirit meant to be sipped. Taste: Juniper, caramel and vanilla on the nose, with a sweet, smooth, oakey finish.

Spiced Rhumb

The bountiful harvest of Nova Scotia’s grain farmers is the star of our 100% Nova Scotian Rye. Milled, mashed, fermented, and distilled in Halifax; this Rye has been carefully aged in new charred North American oak barrels for three years. On the nose this rye is a subtle blend of oak, caramel and baking spices. The taste is peppery, fruity and sweet, underscored by earthy spice. It is truly a taste of Nova Scotia in a bottle.

Qualified Rum

A secret project for our submariners... if you know, you know.





Gin Wild


Gin Royal


Compass Bitters

featuring our Aromatic Orange Bitters, Cucumber Bitters, Grapefruit & Hops Bitters, and Chocolate Bitters. AVAILABLE NOW.

Spiced Rhumb

We took our white rhumb and added whole spices, fresh orange peel, and whole vanilla beans in a very small 300 liter batch. It’s rum, spices, and orange peel straight up. No sugar or flavours added. A delicious, traditional combination that sips great on ice, or mixes with eggnog or coke.


The Maritime’s first and only locally made Aquavit. Literal “water of life”, this spirit is made with an alcohol base of corn and wheat, and redistilled with a mix of botanicals including caraway, fennel and dill.


A collaboration between Mountain Meadworks and Compass Distillers. The journey began with mead fermented by Mountain Meadworks, which was distilled by Compass Distillers using Nova Scotian botanicals including juniper, spruce tips, yarrow, and chanterelles. This distillate was used to fortify a new mead infused with rhubarb and lemongrass. The result is a complex and harmonious drink featuring sour notes of rhubarb, juniper & citrus.

Lobster Vodka

Real lobster, real vodka, 100% Nova Scotian. Our Maritime riff on Mezcal Pechuga, a traditional Mexican spirit distilled with a chicken breast suspended inside of the still. Lobster Vodka is made using the same technique replacing the chicken breast with lobster to create a true Nova Scotian delicacy. The base vodka is made with 100% Nova Scotian wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley. An unexpected sweet and buttery flavour with a touch of the sea.

Cold Brew Spiced Rum

Made for the perfect cocktail cuppa! Our distilling team starts with Spiced Rum, made from scratch using a base of cane sugar and molasses, which has been barrel aged one year and infused with spices. We then blend the rum with cold brew coffee made in house with Java Blend's North Ender coffee, a dark roast blend of organically grown Guatemala and Sumatran beans. The result is a smooth, spicy and rich flavour with notes of baking spices, coffee, cacao, oak, cherry, and vanilla.

Fort George Genever

Fort George Genever is handcrafted from a mash of equal parts Nova Scotian rye, corn, and malted barley. Twice distilled and infused with a subtle blend of botanicals including juniper, caraway, cinnamon, frankincense and pink peppercorn. This classic spirit is barrel aged in oak barrels which lends flavours of oak, vanilla caramel and smoke.

Noon Gun Gin


Daily Ration Rum


Granite & Grain Whisky


Ocean Rose Foraged Gin

Capturing the delightful aromas and memories of warm Nova Scotian seaside days, this gin is carefully crafted with wild foraged botanicals hand picked by our distiller. Distilled with wild juniper, cranberry, bayberry leaf, beach pea, dulse, kelp and wild rose petals, this contemporary gin is complex, floral, and bright.

Nauss Reserve Rum


Spring Gin

GiNS - Gatherd in Nova Scotia - is the first gin made with only Nova Scotian ingredients. Distilled from wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley and botanicals from every corner of the province, many foraged in the wild. It is a true representation of the terrior and characted of our region. The Spring edition has beautiful notes of juniper, grass, and spruce with a hint of the sea. It is Nova Scotia in a bottle.

Summer GiNS

Gathered in Nova Scotia, made entirely of Nova Scotian ingredients including wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley and botanicals gathered and grown throughout the province. Infused with juniper, peaches, plums, Queen Anne’s Lace, wild rose petals, golden rod, ginger, chanterelle mushrooms, red clover, elderberries, & sweet fern among many other herbs and botanicals, Summer GiNS captures a distinctly Nova Scotian flavour.

Autumn GiNS

GiNS – Gathered in Nova Scotia – is the first gin made with only Nova Scotian ingredients. Distilled from wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley and botanicals from every corner of the province, many foraged from the wild, it is a true representation of the terroir and character of our region. The Autumn edition is the perfect gin to snuggle up with on a crisp fall day. With hints of rosehip, tea berry, juniper, cranberry, crab apple, rosemary & thyme.

Winter GiNS

The first gin made with only Nova Scotian ingredients. Distilled from wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley and botanicals from every corner of the province, many foraged from the wild, it is a true representation of the terroir and character of our region. The Winter edition highlights the light and dark of our coldest season. With dark earthy flavours of smoked juniper, chaga mushroom, kelp and toasted birch bark juxtaposed with light flavours of rosehip, sea buckthorn, cranberry and white pine.

Hot Chocolate Infused Vodka

More spicy than sweet, this sizzling spirit combines our handmade vodka with cacao, dark cocoa, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon; intertwined with ancho, morito and pasilla chilies. The flavour starts with rich chocolate, leading to a smoky spiciness and lingering heat that coats the palate. Perfect for sipping, in a martini, or infused into your favourite hot chocolate recipe.

Boston Tree Gin

On December 6th 1917, the Halifax Explosion forever changed our history. In response to the disaster, the city of Boston sent relief to our devastated city. At Compass, we’ve harvested the boughs from that tree to create this “thank you” gin. Distilled with wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley and infused with local botanicals and spruce boughs, this gin celebrates the heart of Nova Scotia.

Neighbours Whiksy

Neighbours Whisky is a collaboration between North Brewing Co. and Compass Distillers. This whisky originated as a mixed grain, mixed ferment, Belgian style Saison brewed at North's original Agricola location. The finished beer was distilled by Compass Distillers and aged for three years in a new American oak barrel. The result is a delightfully complex, fun, and unique whisky with notes of oak, cinnamon, peach and star anise.

Maple Eau de Vie

Maple Eau de Vie is a limited-edition small batch of just 45 bottles. This Nova Scotian rum-style spirit was thoughtfully crafted using 100% local maple syrup. Exclusive to Compass Distillers’ bar and online shop while supplies last. Light, floral and sweet – tap into the true taste of Nova Scotia with Maple Eau de Vie.

Lilac, Lavender & Lime Gin

Our limited-edition Lilac, Lavender & Lime Gin starts with a base of 100% Nova Scotian wheat, distilled with a blend of our favourite gin botanicals, and is infused with wild local lilac, lavender flower and fresh lime. Beautifully bright, fresh and floral, this playful and crisp spirit is a charming reminder of our too short summer season. Pairs wonderfully with tonic, soda or in a classic gin martini.

Spiced Rum





Compass' Limoncello is made with great patience and it shows. Our house-made vodka has been infused with organic lemons and lemon peel over four long months before blending with simple syrup to the perfect balance of tart and sweet. We recommend drinking straight and cold. Saluti!



Elderflower Liqueur


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