The Citadel Distilled Experiences

Visitors to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site will now be able to experience the past and taste the present. The Halifax Citadel Society in partnership with Compass Distillers, are proud to offer The Citadel Distilled Experiences. These informative and interactive experiences will allow guests to see what life was like for British soldiers in the 19th century and explore fine, locally-made spirits.


Compass Distillers has created three brand new spirits specifically for the Citadel Distilled Experiences. Daily Ration Rum, Noon Gun GinFort George Genever and Granite & Grain Whisky are all aged on-site at the Halifax Citadel. Visitors will get to sample each specially handcrafted spirit during the experience. Bottles will also be available for purchase at the Halifax Citadel Regimental shop and Compass Distillers. 

Tier 1: Toast & Tasting

Pricing: $15.00 per guest plus HST

Availability: On hold for the 2021 season

Visit the café bar to sample all three of our exclusive Citadel-aged spirits – Noon Gun Gin, Fort George Genever, and Daily Ration Rum. Guests will receive a perfectly paired light snack and a souvenir placemat which includes an explanation of each spirit and tasting notes.


Tier 2: Raise Your Spirits

Pricing: $75 per guest plus HST

Learn about alcohol use in the British army and taste three Halifax Citadel-aged spirits crafted by award-winning Compass Distillers. With a kilted 78th Highlander as your guide, go behind-the-scenes at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site to discover the history of alcohol use in the British military. Savour three Halifax Citadel-aged spirits crafted by award-winning Compass Distillers and paired with delicious artisanal cheeses.

Tier 3: The Proof is in The Barrel

Pricing: $375.00 per guest plus HST

Availability: Booking required 48 hours in advance

A truly Nova Scotian experience! Guests will start with a tour of the Halifax Citadel accompanied by one of our Highlander guides where they will learn about the history of alcohol in the British military and how it was used to rally the troops. Next, guests will take part in firearms training and have the opportunity to fire an authentic Snider-Enfield rifle. Guests will then explore our barrel room and learn from a professional distiller from Compass Distillers how each of our Citadel-aged spirits were created. Continuing the hands-on experience, guests will pull samples from the barrels and help our distiller proof them down. Afterwards, they’ll travel across the Citadel grounds to the Casemates for a delicious culinary experience featuring local charcuterie, all chosen with care to pair perfectly with each spirit. Guests will learn how to properly taste each spirit and have the opportunity to ask questions of the distiller. Guests will wrap up their experience with a gift box set of Glencairn glasses and two bottles of Citadel-aged spirits of their choice. To book: contact the Halifax Citadel Society at or call (902) 426-1990.

Compass Distillers Citadel Aged Spirits
Fort George Genever

Fort George Genever is handcrafted from a mash of equal parts Nova Scotian rye, corn, and malted barley.Twice distilled and infused with a subtle blend of botanicals including juniper, caraway, cinnamon, frankincense and pink peppercorn. This classic spirit is barrel aged in oak barrels which lends flavours of oak, vanilla caramel and smoke.

Noon Gun Gin

Noon Gun Gin starts with a base of 100% Nova Scotian wheat and 10 classic gin botanicals. The gin is aged in oak barrels for 5 months. This results in a full bodied, extremely smooth spirit that appeals to both gin and whiskey lovers. Juniper on the nose with a sweet, smooth finish.

Daily Ration Rum

Daily Ration Rum is fermented and distilled in small batches from Crosby's Molasses and sugar. Barrel aged for one year, this amber rum has a warm brown color with an attractive sweet nose, wood flavour and a bright, sweet finish.

Granite & Grain Whisky

Granite & Grain Whisky, a mix of corn and rye whisky expertly blended by Compass Distillers. Containing 100% Nova Scotian-grown grains, which were milled, mashed and double distilled on Compass’ custom Vendome still, this whisky was aged for three years in virgin American white oak barrels in the North Magazine at the Halifax Citadel. On the nose, Granite & Grain Whisky has notes of pastry, oak, honey, and florals. The taste starts with sweet corn that develops into savoury baking spices, oak and vanilla.