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Quarterly Club

Sign up now for one of 40 limited founding member spots and be one of the first to try our aged spirits once they are mature. We don't have a time machine, so we can't make Rum and Whiskey happen overnight. We can, however, help you pass the time.


Once you become a Founding Member of the Navigators, and lock in your number, you will receive the corresponding bottle number from our Rum and Whiskey. Both have been barreled and are ageing now. Rum will be ready fall 2018 and Whiskey fall 2020. While you wait you will also receive one exclusive limited product each quarter. That adds up to 12 bottles to help you pass the time while our barrels do their job. Plus you get to keep your spot in line and be sure to be one of the first to have your own bottle of our aged Whiskey and our Rum. You can choose to stop in and pick up your spirits, or have them shipped to you at no extra cost.


Full Founding Membership Includes:

  • 6 Compass Distillers Glencairn Glasses.

  • One exclusive product bottled just for the club members per quarter.

  • 3 member only club events per year (barrel tastings).

  • One of the first 40 bottles of aged rum (with the opportunity to taste and select which barrel of rum you would like their numbered bottle from.)

  • One of the first 40 bottles of aged whiskey (with the opportunity to taste and select which barrel of whiskey you would like a bottle from.)

  • 10% off all purchases of bottles and merchandise from our retail shop.

  • 1/2 off drinks on every Tuesday in our bar.


Cost $1,500 for a 3-year membership. (membership can be paid annually in $500 payments, or receive a 10% discount when paid in full at sign up.).

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