Graham, Josh, and David started Compass Distillers with a shared belief in the joy of making something world-class, locally. Artisan Craft Spirits are not imported, blended with generic ingredients, or pumped out of a factory. They are made from scratch, with the best locally sourced ingredients, by people who have a passion for the process and the result. That is Compass Distillers.




Graham, is a rum enthusiast, a sailing fanatic, an avid woodworker, and by day a mechanical engineer.  He worries about the nuts and bolts at Compass Distillers, where he is enjoying our rum offerings and waiting for the next barrel to reveal its secrets.

Favourite spirit: Spiced Rhumb
Favourite pour: Norse Bounty


Founding Member


The one who looks good in a suit and reads all the fine print and incomprehensible legal stuff to keep us on the straight and narrow. Lover of crows (good thing we didn't go with the name "3 Crows"), Star Trek, Converse and conversation.  When not traveling the world with a debating team, can also be found volunteering with the Halifax Refugee Clinic or adult literacy. Plus, he’s the chief prosecutor for Halifax.

Favourite spirit: Noon Gun Gin

Favourite pour: Musquodoboit Mule


Enabler At-Large (or “I can build that”)


No problem is so great that a few intense planning sessions, some brainstorming, and every waking hour can’t solve.  Want to make award-winning spirits from raw ingredients? No problem, we just need a good space, a great still, some fermenting tanks, an industrial boiler …. The list goes on, and it is all here on-site at Compass Distillers.


Favourite spirit: Vodka

Favourite pour: Musquodoboit Mule


Procurement manager (aka the errand girl)


Happenstance interior decorator, and official summer Gin Drinks test team member.  Jill, like David Byrne, sometimes asks herself "Self, how did I get here?" but loves the excitement and challenges of this new adventure, even though she does still have to get up for her day job!  Met the founders in high school, but took her time to marry one.  Spending time sailing with family and friends may be just another excuse to serve cocktails featuring Compass spirits!

Favourite spirit: Gin 
Favourite pour: The Beeline


Sales, Events & Marketing Manager


Renae is charged with getting the word out about our award-winning, handcrafted spirits. She has been working in marketing and events management for over ten years. Renae brings creativity and enthusiasm to new endeavours to promote our spirits. Fascinated by the process of spirit making, Renae tries to learn something new every day. When she’s not “talking spirits” you might find her exploring Nova Scotia, discovering all this beautiful province has to offer.

Favourite spirit: Gin Wild
Favourite pour: Gimlet

Brand Ambassador

Michael is the latest addition to the Compass team after working 30 years in the drinks industry in three countries. With his vast knowledge Michael is responsible for growing the sales & distribution of Compass products with the Nova Scotia liquor Board and opening new global markets. He is particularly passionate about Gin and recently passed the Diploma in Gin accredited qualification in Scotland to compliment the WSET Professional Spirits Certificate he attained in 2007. Michael loves living in Nova Scotia which reminds him of Yorkshire, his original home. Friendly people with a fiercely independent spirit and now a professional soccer team. The Halifax Wanderers to keep him busy in his spare time.  Michael hopes to see Compass products in his original homeland, across Canada and around the world in the future.

Favorite spirit: Gin Royal

Favorite pour: Gin & Tonic


Head Distiller


A guru of the gauges, mage of the mash tun, friend of the fermenters and the boss of the bottling line... When not creating our spirits he might be resting on a bed of Nova Scotian grains, dreaming of one of his multiple musical endeavours.  As a generally creative person, Alex brings some of his fermentation and brewing knowledge and passion for experimentation to Compass' spirits production. You can regularly find him covered in grain dust, soaked in water/mash while hanging with Tess, or playing drums around town.

Favourite spirit: Aquavit
Favourite pour: Negroni




Our newest distiller, Miranda gets her distilling know-how from a degree in Chemical Engineering through Dalhousie University. Born and bred in Nova Scotia, just like our spirits, Miranda is passionate
about showing the world that exceptional spirits can be made in Nova Scotia with unique local ingredients. When she is not distilling, find her dancing and doing “product research” at one of Halifax’s
stellar bars. 

Favourite spirit: Gin Wild
Favourite pour: Mai Tai


Bar Manager


A classic son of New Scotland, Jordan has enjoyed over seven years’ experience in fine dining mixology, industry-leading cocktail competition, bartending instruction, writing, photography, and – most importantly – an unwavering passion for all things imbibe. He may have gotten his start bouncing in one of the roughest bars on the East Coast, but Jordan has grown to be a spirited member of the Halifax bartending community, and a vigorous advocate for everything found in Nova Scotia. Ask him where the best Dry Martini is to be found in the world, and he’ll say, “Right here at Compass.”

Favourite spirit: Gin Wild
Favourite pour: The Classic Dry Martini